Samba is an AI-powered marketing automation, optimization, & insights platform that helps businesses better understand their customers and meet each of their individual needs. Unifying online and offline data, Samba acts as both a data superstructure, empowering organizations with advanced analytics and reporting, and an enabler of highly-relevant, cost-effective omnichannel marketing campaigns that harness content personalization, predictive analysis, behavioral triggers, and more. Best of all, users benefit from Samba’s intuitive, easy-to-use platform and turnkey setup process, which only requires the inclusion of one script to get started, ensuring users start getting value right away.

  • Single-customer view: Accurate, actionable customer data, including predictions about future behavior
  • Predictive Micro-segmentation: Hyper-personalized marketing & acquisition campaigns fueled by dynamically-merged micro-segments
  • Full-spectrum Insights: Utilizing Microsoft’s PowerBI, statistics and analytics that utilize both offline and online data to give a more conclusive picture of your customers
  • Omnichannel Automation: Campaigns are run automatically via predefined channels and supports email, SMS, web push, Facebook custom audiences, website personalization, and cookie management.
  • Behavioral Triggers: Predictive algorithms automatically analyze each individual customer’s behavior and subsequently act based upon defined customer actions, triggering a targeted and personalized marketing campaign
  • Content Personalization: From the moment a visitor first visits, Samba utilizes its pool of historic data and customer third-party cookies to generate a dynamic, personalized web experience that is tailored to the needs and preferences of each and every customer in real-time.
  • Samba Accelerators: Combining bespoke analytical models with step-by-step instructions on how to better interpret your business data and Samba best practices, Samba’s Accelerators help guide your A.I. transition and accelerate the overall efficacy of how your business uses Samba.


  • AI-powered, automated campaigns
  • Welcome campaigns, including customizable pop-ups
  • Built-in tools such as content editor and flow campaigns
  • Advanced reporting
  • Data Export

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  • STATION Berlin, Luckenwalder Str. 4-6


  • 18th February 2021

    Event date

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