Podcast Appearance Sponsorship

Join the conversation and position yourself as a thought leader

Get your voice and expertise heard in the e-commerce world by appearing as a guest on the E-commerce Germany News Podcast


  • One videocast/podcast episode recorded in Berlin featuring the sponsor as a guest

  • Collaborative discussion of the episode topic and recording date
  • Sponsor's logo featured in the episode's cover art
  • Sponsor's company mentioned in the podcast's introduction and closing remarks
  • Episode published on YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Podcasts platforms
  • Episode shared in social media channels (with 21,000+ reach)
  • Episode featured in the newsletter (with 33,000 Newsletter subscribers)
  • Episode featured in the article on ecommercegermany.com (with 30,000 unique visitors per month)


  • Exclusive opportunity to share your knowledge with e-commerce enthusiasts
  • A chance to gain credibility and establish yourself as a thought leader in the industry
  • A possibility to reach a wider audience through various platforms (YouTube, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, social media, news portal, newsletter)

The podcast appearance sponsorship offer may be subject to availability and scheduling. Please contact us for more information and to discuss the details.


€6,000.00 net



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Gerome Yalim
+49 305 201 42 88
Lucas Zarna
+49 176 316 244 92
  • STATION Berlin, Luckenwalder Str. 4-6


  • 19 & 20th FEBRUARY 2025

    Event date