The event is a part of the E-commerce Germany Awards 2023 ceremony

The event is a warm-up party for the E-commerce Berlin Expo 2023 partners. In addition to that, the E-commerce Germany Awards ceremony is a part of the event. From year to year we not only became more attractive and bigger but above all always better.


Onsite branding:

  • Logotype placement on the venue with the E-commerce Berlin Expo Networking Party Partner title
  • Partner logotype on the stage screen
  • Co-branded photo wall
  • 2x Roll-up
  • Your logo will be presented on the huge wall of screens in the main point of the location
  • Co-branded wristband with Partner logotype - distributed to all party participants at the entrance


  • The E-commerce Berlin Expo Networking Party Partner name announcement from the stage by MC
  • Distribution of guest tickets (up to 10 guest tickets)
  • 20-minutes presentation slot + 10-minutes QA session at E-commerce Berlin Expo. Customer Case only – no Sales Pitch Presentation!

Media & Communication

  • Website: Naming with logo on the website
  • Newsletter: co-branded email send out to the E-commerce Germany Awards attendees and nominees 1 week before the gala
  • Social media: 2x Tweets/social media blast before the event
  • Rest of the year: logo on the E-commerce Germany Awards website

Additional info:

The official title of the Partner of the E-commerce Berlin Expo Networking Party with logotype presented on the website in a dedicated section

Date: February 22nd, 2023

Attendees: Exhibitors representatives, E-commerce Berlin Awards contest members, Jury members, Speakers, Media Partners, E-commerce branch association representatives

+400 guests

Location: Spindler & Klatt

€33,000.00 net


Feel free to contact us regarding our offer. Regards!
Lucas Business Development Manager
+49 176 316 244 92
Peter Project Manager
+49 302 555 98 75
  • STATION Berlin, Luckenwalder Str. 4-6


  • 23rd FEBRUARY 2023

    Event date

  • E-commerce Capitals Sp. z o.o. Sp. k.


  • POLAND, 60‐586 Poznań, ul. Botaniczna 26/2

    Legal address

  • VAT ID 7792439665