Usabilla, a SurveyMonkey company, empowers brands like KLM, Tommy Hilfiger, and Toyota to become truly customer-centric by improving digital experiences on websites, apps and emails. Enterprises acquire the ultimate solution to capture the voice of their customers, collect quantitative along with qualitative data, and turn insights into actions that drive success.

With Usabilla, start asking Why.

Key products

Whether it’s through a website, app, or email, today’s users expect a seamless journey. With Usabilla you can improve profitability by developing a truly customer-centric digital strategy. Through a voice of customer solution you are able to capture your user’s feedback and take action.

Improvements can be done over the entire digital customer journey, on your website, on your app and in your emails.

Put your users at the center of your digital strategy with our voice of customer solution.

Usabilla for Websites

Usabilla for Websites enables you to build future-proof websites. Customers can leave feedback at the touch of a button. And you get a detailed feedback item with a screenshot and all the metadata you could want. Get the insights you need to improve UX, fix issues faster, and create the easy digital experience your customers expect.

Key Features

·     Native solution for websites

·     Quick and easy implementation

·     Advanced screenshot functionality to pinpoint the user journey

·     Extensive reporting and data management capabilities

·     High security and performance without impacting page speed

·     Ongoing support from your dedicated Customer Success Manager

·     Targeted campaigns based on specific user behaviour

·     Completely customizable and responsive designs

Usabilla for Apps

Usabilla for Apps fits flawlessly into your interface to give users a way to reach out even when they’re offline. Collect feedback to understand how your app is performing and what you need to optimize.

Immediately identify critical moments and boost your app’s performance by knowing why your users behave the way they do. As more and more revenue is gained through mobile devices, focus your efforts on a customer-centric approach with Usabilla to build future-proof applications.

How does it work?

Setup: Easy to Install

Get started quickly with a one-time installation of our feedback SDK into your application.

Manage: Full Control

Create, edit, and manage feedback directly from the Usabilla dashboard.

Understand: Visual Qualitative Data

Get feedback on features, discover bugs, and more. All viewable online, anytime.

Usabilla for Email

Usabilla for Email gives you a way to get insights from your users that goes beyond open and click rates. Find out what users think of the content you send them and use it to improve your email campaigns. Simply by adding our widget in your email campaigns. Keep your users happy and engaged by sending the stuff they want.

Key Features

·     Native solution for email

·     Quick and easy implementation without development support

·     Unlimited amount of widgets for all your different email communication

·     Extensive reporting and data management capabilities

·     Flexible questionnaires per email campaign

·     Ongoing support from your dedicated Success Manager

Are you interested in learning more about how we can help you to become more customer centric? Simply request a demo and one of our product experts will reach out to you shortly.

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