Pickware is an ERP system with solutions for warehouse management, shipping, point of sale and an onlineshop. Pickware automates warehouse and shipping processes and manages all sales channels centrally in one system according to the omnichannel concept. Pickware is available for the shop systems Shopware and Shopify as well as with the integrated onlineshop.

Key products

Pickware ERP is the core of Pickware. The main functions are centered around stock and inventory management, supplier management and purchases. Combined with various analyses and all features it will complement perfectly your onlineshop and build the foundation for Pickware WMS and POS.

Pickware WMS enables you to work on all warehouse processes efficiently. It provides an easy and fast solution for handling all incoming and outgoing products. The app is based on iOS-devices and allows barcode guided and automated processes in the warehouse e.g. for picking, shipping, stocktaking, retour handling etc.

Since Pickware POS combines online and offline, itenables you to sell products from your onlineshop directly at your local POS. Overselling and separated product data management are no longer a problem.

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