Packly is a fully dynamic web application for sized folding carton packaging. Its engineers developed several algorithms which allow generating over 5000 billion size combinations. Then, in a few steps, the user enters the desired sizes, gets a template and uploads the artwork. A 3D mock-up is visualized in seconds, and the interactive preview showing the embellishment effects can be shared with a simple link. Thanks to the chance of placing orders on-demand with exact quantity companies boost their profits while staying green. Packly is focused on helping reduce the time to market and optimizing the supply chain, creating a unique user experience while delivering high-quality software and printed products.

Try it now: https://www.pack.ly

Packly ist eine vollständig dynamische Webanwendung für aufs Maß hergestellte Faltschachtelverpackungen. Die Ingenieure haben mehrere algorithmen entwickelt, die es ermöglichen, über 5000 Milliarden Größenkombinationen zu generieren. Anschließen...

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