<p>apollon is the leading software provider for integrated and holistic solutions aimed at automating the communication of product data and at distributing data seamlessly, without media breaks, within omnichannel commerce. The specially developed solutions help companies make marketing processes more flexible and cost-effective and address customers effectively across all channels – from online shops and marketplaces to social media and print.</p><p>The core product and central hub is the Online Media Net (OMN) with the modules Channel Management (CM), Product Information Management (PIM), Media Asset Management (MAM), Marketing Resource Management (MRM), Brand Management (BM), and Workflow Management (WM). The holistic OMN solution stands out because of its high levels of integration of all modules and the maximum automation of processes for content creation and output. In conjunction with the open system interfaces and extensive configurability, this enables a very high level of fle...
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<p>Online Media Net (OMN)</p><p>Getting noticed amidst the vast amounts of information around today calls for individual campaigns and excellent product presentations on all channels. A creative challenge with many participants, interfaces and systems. OMN knows about these special features and therefore supports you optimally in handling your marketing data and in all areas – from data acquisition to content creation to cross-media publishing. With new and innovative AI services, Online Media Net manages to automate many time-consuming and resource-intensive processes and gives your valuable employees the chance to devote themselves to creative tasks. Like no other system on the market, OMN bundles the whole spectrum of omnichannel marketing in one solution and offers you the flexibility you need thanks to its modular structure. Lower your marketing costs, communicate faster and eliminate errors with OMN!</p><p>OMN Modules:</p><ul><li>OMN PIM</li><li>OMN MAM</li><li>OMN Channel Manage...

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  • 23rd FEBRUARY 2023

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  • 23rd FEBRUARY 2023

    Event date

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