edrone, an Autonomous eCommerce Cloud, is the first eCRM designed for eCommerce. We provide advanced Marketing Automation solutions, based on our algorithms, that are easy to install (Plug'n'Play). Our goal is to help to understand customers behavior (Customer

Intelligence) and engage them (Marketing Automation) with all-in-one e-commerce marketing cloud.

The system consists of two sections: Learn & Engage. Learn: advanced stats, RFM segmentation and detailed view per client (even with the social media stats). Engage: 20 ready to send scenarios, including recover abandoned cards, send recommendations and increase the revenue with cross selling based on our Customer Intelligence algorithms. The Marketing Machine is something more than a simple recommendation fram: it makes the idea of segment of one easy to implement in every e-commerce.

Our customers are both major European online stores as well as developing eStores. Some of edrone customers: DUKA, Tous, x-Kom, Energa, Abra Meble, Wojas, Ryłko, Reporter Young, Ryłko, Wojas, and many more online stores. edrone handles Internet transactions worth over 3 billion Euros.

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  • 18th February 2021

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  • STATION Berlin, Luckenwalder Str. 4-6


  • 18th February 2021

    Event date

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