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We're seeking captivating and insightful client cases, stories, or trends’ forecasts. We expect the content to be valuable and interesting for the attendees of our Expo, but also for those e-commerce professionals who may see it online.

  • Have you achieved something extraordinary in your expertise pool?
  • Want to present an interesting client case, full of data and actionable insights?
  • Do you know, and could share, some market hacks that helped your clients or partners?
  • Would you like to present your market prediction for the future?

No better place to do that than our gateway to the e-commerce world!

  • September 4, 2023

    Submissions Open

    Time to submit your presentation proposal! Be sure to do it before September 29th.

  • October 2, 2023

    Public Voting kick-off

    Voting takes place on the Contest Website. Each Internet User can cast one vote in each category. A LinkedIn account is required. The voting will end on October 18th.

  • October 23, 2023

    Public voting Nominees announcement and Advisory Board voting start

    The announcement of the list of Participants nominated in all contest categories will take place. Our special Advisory Board will debate and support determining the results of the Contest.

  • October 30, 2023

    Winners Announcement

    Announcement of the E-commerce Berlin Expo - Call for Papers Winners!


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Terms and Conditions of Participation in the Call for Papers Contest:

  • Participation in the Call for Papers Contest is free of charge and so will be presenting on stage for the winners.
  • Every contestant can submit a maximum of two presentation proposals, but only one in each of the contest's categories. In case of winning only one topic can be presented on stage.
  • The Call for Papers Contest consists of 2 parts:
  1. Public voting round - when everyone can cast a vote for the topic of their choice, via LinkedIn account. This part helps us determine the top five presentations’ proposals in each category.
  2. Advisory Board voting round - during which our experts are debating over choosing one winner in each category. Please note that the Advisory Board can and will prioritise captivating and informative client case studies/stories over other ideas.
  • In case of any possible suspicion regarding the participants’ activity in the Contest, the Organiser will verify and may cancel the submission during or after the Contest. If that situation applies to the potential winner, the contestant with the next highest number of votes will be chosen.
  • By submitting the presentation, the contestant accepts that in the event of winning the Call For Papers, a relevant agreement with the organizers will have to be signed in order to present on stage.
  • Information about processing the CFP participants' personal data can be found here
  • Information about processing voters and visitors personal data can be found here
  • The aforementioned rules make just the excerpt of the full terms and conditions that can be found here


Participation in the contest is free of charge. All you need to do is use the submission form available on our website.

No! We’re open for anyone who would like to share their insights on one of the E-commerce Berlin Expo’s stages.

You can do that. Keep in mind that having more than one submission may make it harder to win since people can vote for any of your presentations, but votes won’t add up.

We even encourage you to do so ;) There’s nothing more convincing than a satisfied client/business partner on the stage with you, trust us!

You will find a ranking on the Call for Papers website, available from the middle of the Public Voting phase till the end of the Contest. It will be updated every 24 hours, so you can check your current votes count and position in the Contest.

For us fair play is a value, not a buzzword. Our IT department will be closely monitoring the voting process. All the suspicious activities suggesting use of illegal tactics, tools, bots or simply buying votes will be investigated. In case of finding any cheating evidence all the votes acquired using illegal methods will be cancelled. The submission may also be terminated without any possibility to appeal.

We will be sure to contact the Winners and provide them with all support needed. There will be a strict timeline to work with though!

Since EBE has an international approach and the presentations are being recorded and uploaded on the Net we strongly recommend sticking to English, as it will give you more reach.

Yes. Presentations are recorded and shared on YouTube. This content appears on the Net some time after the Conference and is free for everyone.

The speakers have 30 minutes on stage equipped with a big screen, live preview, set of microphones, slide control and such.

Apparently, no! We have plenty of partnership options. Moreover, the organiser can and will take a closer look at all of the CfP submissions and may reach out to some of the participants regardless of the results.

Masterclasses are practice-oriented sessions for a smaller, better targeted audience. They can only be booked and held by participating exhibitors of the EBE.

Categories sum-up


Does it pay off? This category covers payments, tax operation, finances, security, and fraud examples. Main topics: p... (more)

Marketing in e-commerce

What's all that buzz about? This category covers successful marketing campaigns' stories, SEO analytics, content creatio... (more)

Analytics and conversion

Data is the new gold. This category covers business intelligence, analytics of all kinds, conversion rate optimization a... (more)

Crossborder and international expansion

Go big or go home? This category covers global expansion opportunities and challenges present in the dynamic landscape o... (more)


At the heart of e-commerce. This category covers automation, logistics optimization, streamlining supply chain operation... (more)

Software and platforms

Those important things that can and cannot be seen by the client. This category covers all kinds of platform solutions a... (more)

FutureTech and innovations

One step ahead! This category covers ever-changing trends and insights on new technology, predictions and intros. Mai... (more)

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