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Situationalization - Personalization on Steroids: How you can even inspire unknown users with relevant products

Online shops often know less than 20% of their users at first sight. There are various reasons for this: A first-time visit, cookie settings or script blockers amongst others. So traditional data-based personalization efforts become increasingly difficult and inefficient. But how can online shops still display relevant products at first sight? By individually addressing the user in all shopping situations. This method is called Situationalization. By analyzing web analytics data, it can be shown that users are interested in different content dependent on their current situation. Through Situationalization companies can use available situational data to optimize digital touchpoints by displaying relevant content to every user, even to unknown ones. Online shops using this method increase their revenue by 20% and more.

Ralph Hünermann


After studying electrical engineering at RWTH Aachen, he earned his PhD in neuroinformatics on self-learning systems. For more than 20 years he has been working as an entrepreneur in the field of data analysis, customer experience & AI. He managed a web agency with an analytical focus for over a decade & has been engaged in the real-time analysis of big data as well as their applications. As founder & CEO of ODOSCOPE, Dr.-Ing. Ralph Hünermann is responsible for the product & the technology.

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