Attending the E-commerce Berlin Expo with thousands of attendees from online shops, retailers, manufacturers, and wholesalers presents a valuable chance for business growth. To ensure you connect with the right partners and prospects, we proudly introduce the VIP Programme.

Effortless Entry

Skip the queues and enjoy fast-track entry, a separate cloakroom, and exclusive registration desks with dedicated event personnel to assist you.

VIP Badge

Receive a VIP badge, symbolizing your esteemed status and granting access to all exclusive benefits and areas.

VIP Zone

Delight in an 800m2 dedicated lounge area exclusively for VIPs. Indulge in complimentary food, refreshments, and more.

Top Networking

Engage with highly-profiled guests, top e-commerce shops, and retailers, invited either by exhibitors or an organizer, and those eligible through online inquiries.

Premium Seating

Enjoy a reserved front-row seat at each presentation stage and witness keynotes and panel discussions from the best angle!

Limited Passes

Embrace exclusivity with our limited VIP passes, designed for a meaningful networking within the industry's finest.

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There are three pathways to becoming a VIP:

  1. Invitation from an Exhibitor: Exhibitors have access to a special pool of VIP tickets, which they distribute to important prospects they wish to welcome at the event. If you have a business partnership with any of our Exhibitors, we encourage you to reach out to them and inquire about the possibility of receiving a VIP ticket.
  2. Invitation from the Organizer: We carefully curate VIP invitations to individuals from top e-commerce shops, retailers, and companies in Germany, aiming to create a dynamic networking environment that connects important attendees with industry leaders.
  3. Online inquiry: Fill out the application form, and we will confirm your VIP eligibility after registration.

VIP ticket holders at the E-commerce Berlin Expo enjoy exclusive benefits, including effortless entry, a VIP badge for access to all exclusive areas, a dedicated VIP Zone with complimentary food and refreshments, premium front-row seating at presentations, and top-tier networking opportunities with industry leaders.

The VIP passes are offered free of charge to representatives of online shops, retailers, and brands. To qualify for a free VIP ticket, you must meet the following criteria:

  1. Represent an online shop, retailer, or brand.
  2. Hold a prominent position such as C-Level, Director, Department Head, VP, or equivalent within your organization.
  3. Have at least 5 years of professional experience in the e-commerce industry.
  4. Be employed by a company with an annual turnover of 20 million euros or more.

If you meet these requirements, we invite you to register your interest for a free VIP pass. Once you complete the registration, we will confirm your VIP eligibility.

We have deliberately restricted the number of VIP tickets to enhance your individual experience and facilitate genuinely meaningful networking. As VIP passes are limited, we encourage you to apply as soon as possible to secure your spot and take advantage of this exclusive opportunity.


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  • STATION Berlin, Luckenwalder Str. 4-6


  • 19 & 20th FEBRUARY 2025

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