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Who are we?

THIMM Group is a leading solutions provider for the packaging and distribution of products. The family business produces corrugated cardboard packaging, promotional and merchandising displays and multi-material packaging systems. THIMM also offers logistics and packaging consultancy services. Through our range of packaging solutions we work together with our customers to achieve a customised and distinctive appearance in retail outlets. THIMM has been investing in the expansion of its market presence and in new technologies at its 19 sites worldwide since 1949. THIMM Verpackung: A producer of corrugated cardboard protective shipping packaging, shelf-ready packaging solutions and high-impact sales packaging. THIMM Packaging Systems: A solutions provider of high-performance and customised multi-material packaging systems and logistics systems. THIMM Display: A producer of standardised, modular and customised decorative elements and display solutions for the point-of-sale. THIMM Consulting: An independent packaging consultancy for process and range optimisation along the supply chain. Christiansen Print: Innovative ThimmColor® PrePrint solutions for high-quality printed packaging and displays. CARTONARA: Online shop for standardised corrugated cardboard packaging as well as packaging and moving accessories for commercial and private customers.

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THIMM will be able to fulfill all your needs regarding your first touchpoint with your customer – the packaging. With our wide range of products including our self-developed lock mechanisms and fixation systems we will guarantee you a safe and secure delivery. Nowadays more and more people order food or medical products online that’s why we came up with a solution to keep those goods cooled and insulated. It’s the so-called THIMM COOLandFREEZE and has already been awarded twice. The main function of the packaging is definitely to protect your products during the delivery but we, from THIMM go even beyond that. Your products don’t have to come in plain brown cardboard boxes. We can print the most complex graphic designs through digital printing, so that your customers can be ecstatic and impressed before the package is even opened. Another exciting point of digital printing is that we can work with App-based codes which have countless features. For instance, you will have the option to track the deliveries more easily and in real-time or it’s even possible to use the packaging of your products as a communication tool with your customer. Want to find out more? Come and see us! We will definitely do our best to make the unboxing experience a special one.

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Armin Spitzbarth, Account Manger

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THIMM Verpackung

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