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The Evolution of B2B Commerce - Looking To the Future


Petr Svoboda - Shopsys


The B2B sector is often more isolated from the effects of new trends. However, once the meaningful innovation is introduced the whole industry tends to adapt quickly because the revenue lost on a single customer is significantly higher compared to B2C sector. By reading the particular trends in B2C, we can easily foresee how the B2B is going to evolve regarding data-driven management, IT landscape, or user interfaces.


For over 15 years Petr Svoboda has been at the heart of Europe’s tech industry when it comes to eCommerce and software integration, and is the CEO and founder of the Czech-based developer Shopsys. His extensive experience as an innovator and public speaker has helped his company to become one of the top eCommerce platforms which currently manages an extensive array of companies whose revenues exceed €40 million. In talking about his experiences, he has also led discussions and seminars at some of the most notable tech conferences in Europe, including DMEXCO 2017 and E-commerce Expo Berlin 2018, and is the acclaimed author of ‘Take-Aways From The Study: How To Grow Into An Eight Digit Online Revenue Company’. His book details one important study which looked at a variety of successful online retailers, and outlines the fact that a revenue range between €10 and €20 million represents a threshold boundary of gradual organic growth.

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