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Cross-border expansion for more e-sales - the game, the players, the success.


Rolando Casanova - Internel - cross-border expansion


Who wants to expand within Europe, will soon be faced with players like fulfillers, freight brokers and courier companies - all with their own and often differing agendas… This presentation uncovers these and contains practical tips how to succeed nevertheless - and sell more online. Bring a good sense of humour along.


Rolando is a dynamic change leader with 25 years experience in international logistics. He is the founder of the Internel group present in 3 countries, managing Internel Poland, a truly “non-conventional” and fast growing e-fulfiller. Rolando’s career began when he left the safety and comfort of Switzerland for Uganda, to work for the world’s largest global coffee trader. Overnight, he was responsible for thousands of tons of coffee as stock controller & factory manager. This was a game-changer: He very quickly adapted by scrapping logistics as theory in favour of a more practical, hands-on approach. Since then, Rolando has worked with and for 200+ organisations, multinationals and SME alike, across multiple industries to turn their supply chains into a competitive advantage. For the last 5 years, his passion is to helping e-tailers to increase their sales performance by providing a real, truly-devoted, effective and efficient fulfilment service - national & cross-border.

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