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Automated order fulfilment

The RAX Group is a pioneer of automated warehouses in e-commerce, specialising in small items, up to the size of a shoebox. We are a systems integrator, featuring our open systems RAM network software at the core, adding in any peripherals required to customise our solution. Existing e-commerce order fulfillment automation has focussed on larger items, with limited SKU range, typically goods-to-man, retaining high levels of manual intervention. Our systems can automate an unlimited number of SKUs, without manual intervention. We can provide a fully automated warehouse, without manual intervention. The benefits: Faster turnaround times 100% accuracy 100% traceability Labour saving Space saving Modularity

Rupert Katritzky

President of the RAX Group RAX GmbH

Rupert Katritzky is an automation entrepreneur. The first company Rupert started was ARX in 1993, which became a market leader for automated logistics solutions for Healthcare throughout Western Europe. Rupert increasingly saw the potential for more comprehensive order fulfilment solutions in applications outside healthcare, especially e-commerce. He therefore sold in 2015; what had become the ARX Group, to be able to concentrate on his new start-up, RAX.

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