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Increase your warehouse productivity to unlock new order fulfillment potential

What questions should retailers ask themselves when planning their warehouse automation project? AutoStore will give answers to these questions and show what benefits warehouse automation had for one of the leading retailers in Germany. Learn about the flexibility of the AutoStore system and how it can be used in fulfillment.

Sarah Adenau

Business Development Manager e-Commerce AutoStore System GmbH

Sarah Adenau is a Business Development Manager at AutoStore with a focus on e-Commerce. Sarah is passionate about e-Commerce, innovation, supply chains, and digital transformation. Before she joined AutoStore, she worked as Key Account Manager for DHL where she learned the need for speed, reliability, flexibility, and sustainability in logistics. The growth in e-commerce will continue to increase significantly and it is necessary to work on the space efficiency of the warehouses to be as flexible and sustainable as possible and, at the same time, not lose sight of the customer. Sarah is proud to offer the best storage and retrieval solution with AutoStore and to help brands handle strong growth in fulfillment.

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