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Hacks for a successful entry in the USA market using paid social

Most companies dream of making it on the US market – Ingagers client Eton was a few years ago one of those companies. Using our collective experience and understanding for Facebooks tools did Ingager succeed in not only entering the US but also making it a profitable market for the shirt-making company from Sweden. Eton had zero brand awareness and no sales in the US prior to Ingagers launch of Eton in the US. It took only a few months to reach positive figures, resulting from Ingagers truly iterative and learning approach for entering new markets and audiences. The US is indeed a different market from Europe and during Ingagers efforts to create a positive ROI for Eton in the US did Ingager off course make plenty of mistakes (i.e. learnings) which resulted in that we’ve found an effective and systematic approach which has enabled us to enter the US with additional clients. In our presentation would we like to share our best hacks, strategies, and tactics for e-commerce brands with a desire to enter the US market using paid social.

Simon Beyer

Chief Strategy Officer, Partner and Authour Ingager

Simon is by his peers described as one of the most influential persons within the Swedish marketing / advertising space. After working for Google and Philips is Simon now Partner at Ingager, the largest independent Facebook Agency in Europe. Simon is a popular speaker on digital marketing and digitalization. Simon has been speaking for Tesla, NATO and BMW to name a few. A year ago did Simon publish his first book on digitalization

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