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e-Commerce Logistics in Europe: Integrate or Stagnate?

We conducted scientific research in Germany, United Kingdom, France and the Netherlands regarding what Webshops offer from a Logistic Service and Sustainability point of view. We conducted front-end research at hundreds of webshops of many different branches for this. At the same time we questioned thousands of online consumers in these countries what their wishes, needs, demands and experiences are regarding the Logistic Service and Sustainability. We identified the GAP's between webshops offering and consumers needs and will come up with solutions how to bridge these GAP's and increase sales of webshops because of closing the GAP's. Such a research has never been conducted before. We will present the results and conclusions of this research and come up with solutions.

Dr. Roland Slegers-Leijsten EMIM

CEO-Founder DeliveryMatch

Dr. Roland Slegers-Leijsten (54) is active in the Logistics & Supply Chain branch for 25 years. He has worked as an interim manager/consultant at more than 50 companies in various countries helping them to optimize or renew their Logistic concepts and operations. As founder of DeliveryMatch with is team he helps companies (B2C&B2B) gaining real-time Chain Control with a software platform that has Order-, Transport and Shipping Management functionality. He conducted and published research on e-Commerce Logistics and Human Behavior in Logistics & Supply Chain. He is lecturing these topics on BUAS, Tilburg University and Nyenrode.

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