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Who are we?

TWENTE is the next Dutch Logistic Hot Spot at the German border. Entrepreneurs, Government, Educational and Research institutions are all working together to strengthen the economy around the Twente region by creating more jobs in the logistics sector. Our XL Business Park in Almelo is, with it's 180 ha, our logistic centre of the region. Here you have the possibility to develop yourself or to rent the space you need. Twente has still enough labour potential and with it's own 2 inland terminals, operated by CTT, and a direct highway access, it's perfectly suited for every company looking for warehouse locations to serve the European market. So follow, among others, Timberland and Group Heylen to the new logistic Hotspot of the Netherlands and experience the warm welcome and possibilities. With the best regards, Huub Leussink Port of Twente

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