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Human Intuition Vs Marketing Data


Sharon Magen - DataWit


Marketeers are required to define goals, create a hypothesis, design content, define timing, segmentation, personalization and analyze results. Where should we rely on data and where should we use intuition in this process? Where is intuition fundamental and where machines should take the wheel? Where do marketers fail and how can we use machines to overcome these failures? I’ll explore possible answers to these questions while providing concrete examples and leaving room for debate.


A veteran sales executive with proven track record in the SaaS space and hands on experience in marketing automation, optimization and analytics Chief Revenue Officer at Appoxee, managing its sales and marketing efforts leading to its acquisition by Teradata. VP Sales and one of ClickTale’s first employees, growing sales from $10k to $1M a month on an investment of $800k. MBA from INSEAD, B.SC in Computer Science with honors (Cum Laude) from Tel Aviv University Linkedin Profile - https://www.linkedin.com/in/sharonmagen/

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