Stand type STAGE PATRONAGE - 5000 EUR  
  • 20-minutes presentation slot. *Customer Case only – no Sales Pitch Presentation!
  • Presenter photo, name, position and company name on Event Registration Page
  • Title of the Official Stage Patron on the Expo website

  • Stage branding:
  • 2x Roll-ups
  • Company logotype on the screen
  • Company promotion inside the keynote room
  • Distribution of flyer on the 200 seats (2x during the day)
Sales Finished
5 000 EUR net price



  Stand type NETWORKING ZONE PARTNER - 14 000 EUR  
  • Stand 24sq m2 (located in the center of the Networking Zone)
  • WIFI
  • 220V (3000W)
  • 30 branded cube seats
  • audio jingiel (2x during the day)
  • Full branding of the Area - app. 200sq meters (has to be consulted with the Organizer)

  • If you are interested in coopeation as a Networking Zone Partner, Contact us on: [email protected]

    Sales Finished
    14 000 EUR net price