Submit your presentation proposal for E-commerce Berlin Expo stage.
Deadline for Submissions: September 28, 2018, EOD !

Submit your presentation!

Once the submissions have been closed, the Internet Users will vote online to choose the presentations that will be included in the E-commerce Berlin agenda.

Call for Papers Schedule

1st August - 28th September 2018 → Submission of the presentation proposals

1st October - 19th October 2018 → Online voting

Until 23th November 2018 → Call For Papers winners’ announcement

Terms and Conditions of Participation in the Call for Papers Contest

  • There are 8 main categories – the presentation that receives the highest number of votes in a given category will be accepted to the Agenda;
  • The results of the Call for Papers are dependent upon the votes of the online users – each user has 8 votes to cast, one per each category;
  • To cast a vote, a user has to have a Facebook account;
  • Once the Call for Papers submissions have been closed, the organisers can cancel down a given category or / and create a new one if the number or quality of the presentation submissions requires any of these actions;
  • Each company can submit only one presentation proposal in a given category;
  • Each company can give the maximum of one presentation – if a company wins in more than one category, it has to pick one presentation to deliver. The decision has to be made within a deadline set by the organisers. In this event, in the other category, another company with the second highest number of votes becomes the winner;
  • Submissions can be edited until the deadline, i.e. until the 28 th September, 11:59 PM
  • By submitting the presentation, the applicant accepts that in the event of winning the Call For Papers contest, they will have to sign a relevant agreement with the organisers to be able to give the presentation;
  • Participation in the Call for Papers and delivering a presentation are FREE OF CHARGE

Andrea Monaci, HPE - Call for Papers winner 2018

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