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Deadline for Submissions: September 28, 2018, EOD !

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Once the submissions have been closed, the Internet Users will vote online to choose the presentations that will be included in the E-commerce Berlin agenda.

Call for Papers Schedule

1st August - 28th September 2018 → Submission of the presentation proposals

1st October - 21th October 2018 → Online voting

Until 23th October 2018 → Call For Papers winners’ announcement

Terms and Conditions of Participation in the Call for Papers Contest

  • There are 8 main categories – the presentation that receives the highest number of votes in a given category will be accepted to the Agenda;
  • The results of the Call for Papers are dependent upon the votes of the online users – each user has 8 votes to cast, one per each category;
  • To cast a vote, a user has to have a Facebook account;
  • Once the Call for Papers submissions have been closed, the organisers can cancel down a given category or / and create a new one if the number or quality of the presentation submissions requires any of these actions;
  • Each company can submit only one presentation proposal in a given category;
  • Each company can give the maximum of one presentation – if a company wins in more than one category, it has to pick one presentation to deliver. The decision has to be made within a deadline set by the organisers. In this event, in the other category, another company with the second highest number of votes becomes the winner;
  • If a company wins but there is a suspicion regarding the fair participants activity in the contest the Organiser may cancel the submission during or after the contest. In this event, in the other category, another company with the second highest number of votes becomes the winner;
  • Submissions can be edited until the deadline, i.e. until the 28 th September, 11:59 PM
  • By submitting the presentation, the applicant accepts that in the event of winning the Call For Papers contest, they will have to sign a relevant agreement with the organisers to be able to give the presentation;
  • For information regarding processing CFP participants' personal data read here
  • For information regarding processing voters and visitors personal data read here
  • Participation in the Call for Papers and delivering a presentation are FREE OF CHARGE

Prefered thematic scope in each category

Website Conversion Rate

    • Design
    • Customer Experience and UX
    • Personalisation
    • Data Analytics for Conversion Rate Optimization

    Marketing in E-commerce

    • SEO
    • Social Media
    • Content Marketing
    • Email Marketing
    • Performance Marketing/SEM
    • Lead Generation


    • eLogistics
    • Delivery
    • Supply Chain
    • Fulfilment

    International Expansion

    • International Expansion
    • Cross-Border E-commerce
    • Implementing Localization
    • Managing Logistics
    • Managing Payments
    • Cultural and Linguistic Differences


    • Case Studies
    • Identity & Authentication
    • Lending & Credit Payments Regulation
    • Retail & Commerce
    • Risk & Security

    Online Store Case Study

    • Online Store representative on stage alone
    • Service Provider with a representative of an Online Store together on stage
    • Service Provider with a case study from an Online Store

    IT for E-commerce

    • Cloud & Hosting
    • SaaS Solutions/Online Shop Platforms
    • Other IT solutions

    New Developments in E-commerce

    • Future Retail
    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Big Data and Analytics
    • Mobile Commerce


Dominika, Account Manager

English and German support

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